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     About us
     About us

Shanghai Yongzhi chemical-Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field oforganic chemistry by providing organic reagents, fine chemicals, biochemicalreagents and bulk drug intermediates. Yongzhi main field of expertise coversthe development and production of heterocycles, boronic acids, amino acids,metal catalysts and chiral compounds.

 Our mission is to providehigh-quality and innovative products to our customers. By offering a broadrange of products, custom synthesis and personalized services, we can helpscientists speeding up their research in the chemical and pharmaceutical field.

Our company haslong term cooperation with prestigious Chinese universities and researchinstitutes. We carry out our R&D program in collaboration with these topranking research institutes and laboratories, such as the USST (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology) andthe SIPI (Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry). Bide Pharmatech R&D Centerincluding our controlled laboratories, scientist staffs and production siteensure that our clients are provided with top quality chemicals. Since theestablishment of the center, we have successfully developed hundreds of newcompounds, including API, heterocyclic and benzene derivatives which have beenwidely used in pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide and other industries.

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