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Google launches flight search service faster than competitors
  Release time:2011-09-14    hits:308

NetEase technology news September 14th news, according to the New York Times reported that Google on Tuesday launched flight search, and Kayak, Orbitz and Microsoft's Bing search engine will be a direct competition. Since last year, Google announced the acquisition of ITA software, the outside world is widely expected Google will release this service. Although this acquisition has undergone a rigorous antitrust review, but in April this year, the Ministry of justice approved.
Google said its flight search results will not be affected by any pay factors, the search engine directly to the airline's own web site to book flights. Google has expressed the hope that the acquisition of ITA released a new, open travel search. Tuesday launched the service is not Google to release the complete product, but the first step in the direction of the first step. At present, only the United States and the United States economy class, and the results of flights to and from.
Visitors can search for flights or visit on Google, they will see Airlines Flights, these flights are classified according to take off or arriving time, flight time, route, the airline or the price. Google said it showed the results of the speed is very fast, in the initial test, the results can be displayed in an instant, while other users of the site to collect information in order to see the results of the site. (Mu Xiulin)
(the source of this article: the science and technology report of the NetEase)

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