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Zhejiang newspaper listed on the transfer of financial new media 19.77% equity offer 56 million 476 thousand
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Established less than two years of financial new media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new financial media) once again by the attention of the industry. According to the Zhejiang property transaction information network public disclosure of information, financial new media listed on the transfer of 19.77% of the state-owned equity, listing price of 56 million 476 thousand yuan.
The listing of the shares of the transfer of ownership for Zhejiang newspaper group. According to Zhejiang newspaper group relevant responsible person said, the move is in Zhejiang newspaper group is planning to be listed, to avoid competition with the industry".
Transfer of equity to avoid competition with the industry
Zhejiang property transaction information network announcement disclosure of ownership information: Zhejiang Newspaper Media Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Daily Group") holding 40%, Tianjin Heng Enterprise Management Consulting partnership, Tianjin region rich enterprise management consulting partnership, Tianjin HumanPool enterprise management consulting partnership holdings were 20%, 20% and 19% the remaining 1% is a natural person, all of Ge Qian.
In July 28th, on the verge of delisting *ST white (600633.SH) announced that the Commission received Chinese restructuring approval documents, the company agreed to a major reorganization of assets and to Zhejiang Newspaper Media Holdings Limited issued shares to buy assets, Zhejiang newspaper media backdoor listing of a foregone conclusion. According to zhe group relevant responsible person said, in accordance with the requirements of the listing to avoid competition with the industry. "We need to adjust the equity." The person in charge told the "first financial daily".
For the future whether it will withdraw from the new media, the official said, the reduction is only the first step, as far as the future progress is not yet clear. Financial new media spokesman Zhang Lihui also confirmed to this newspaper, Zhejiang newspaper holdings and listing related.
Wealth and new desire to seek to change the future
Zhejiang property rights trading information disclosure notice, Caixin media as of July 2011 last year audit report, the company's main business income of 31 million 473 thousand and 600 yuan, operating profit -3315.09 million, net profit -1426.79 million yuan. In accordance with the listing price of 56 million 476 thousand yuan, the new financial media valuation of about 280 million yuan. This means that in less than two years, the new media has to catch up with the old "financial" potential. At present, the old "financial" parent company of SEEC media (00205.HK) Hong Kong stock market value of approximately HK $696 million (about 570 million yuan).
In addition, the disclosure of the requirements for the transferee of the transferee within five working days from the date of the contract, a one-time payment.
In addition to the normal content, the announcement also pointed out that the transferee promises the transferee equity, shall provide not less than 100 million yuan of loans to a wealth of new media, the loan period of 5 years, to complete the loan within 1 months of delivery options, according to the bank deposit interest rate, and shall not require early repayment. Whether the money for the new media and why the need for 100 million yuan, the new media has not made a further explanation.
In 2009, Hu Shuli led the "financial" magazine core team running away, and then create a new financial media. At present, Caixin media's main business is through the "three journal", namely Caixin, "new century" magazine, "reform" and "Chinese monthly" magazine, as well as mobile Internet, video, books, conference and so on all media platform, providing financial news and information services etc.. Informed sources, the new century magazine ads for the better, according to the law of the operation of the magazine, as a new magazine, the current loss of the current financial media is also within a reasonable range. This means that the wealth of the new media is likely not short of money. The industry speculated that 100 million yuan of borrowing needs may mean that Hu Shuli is planning a greater action.
In July this year, Hu Shuli accepted the media interview said, the company will begin by subscription and newsstand sales in Hongkong issued "English Caixin weekly" (Caixin Weekly), and will be launched for the readers in the Americas and Europe English iPad applications. Hu Shuli said at the time, we do not have a lot of advertisers". However, in an interview with her to enter the overseas, pushing the Chinese voice expressed confidence.
(source: first financial daily Author: Hui Zhengyi)

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