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Groupon in the UK to test a new e-commerce model
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NetEase Francisco September 13th message, according to foreign media reports, Groupon group purchase website Inc began offering discounts for British Internet sales of products, and promote the company entered the Amazon company ( Inc.) and eBay Inc in direct competition between.
Groupon is headquartered in Chicago, more than 80% of the goods for its UK customers promotion discount, when users buy products, they will receive a code will be able to enter the code provider through the use of the web site and online ordering can enjoy discount.
Groupon most of the revenue from its daily with the local restaurants, hotels and other businesses between the group purchase transactions, which may increase the revenue growth by e-commerce sites to increase the way to.
The United States retail network solutions provider Channel Advisor CEO Scott - Wenger (Scot Wingo) said: "by virtue of its ability to 115 million users to send email subscription discount, Groupon can attract usually love Amazon and eBay users." He also said: "Groupon has the advantage of being able to contact more than 100 million users every day, and the Amazon and eBay can not do, only via subscriber base, they can push 500 million to $1 billion in sales."
Groupon called National Deals has been provided from the UK-Bedding Whitening Professionals mattress, teeth whitening and Albelli custom photo album for users, in each case, Groupon can complete more than 10 thousand transactions.
Wenger said: "it seems really good, I guess once the time is ripe, Groupon will introduce this service to the United states."
Groupon spokesman Moss Julie (Mossler Julie) declined to comment on the matter.
Groupon CEO Mason - Andrew (Mason Andrew) in an internal memo in August 25th to improve the initiative to sell products, and said the British e-commerce business is very successful. He wrote in a memo: "we only used one day to sell a mattress worth $2 million in the UK."
Groupon's main rival in the United States is headquartered in Washington, LivingSocial, LivingSocial is also trying to buy a new model. The LivingSocial plan and wfmi (Whole Foods Market) to jointly promote a group purchase, users only need to spend $10 to buy $20 worth of groceries. LivingSocial spokesman Weinstein - Andrew (Weinstein Andrew) said that this is the first group to buy enterprises to launch a national grocery buy.
Groupon continues to expand the service in other ways. The company through the United States and the United States ticketing company Nation Entertainment Live to establish a partnership with the sale of discounted concert tickets, and with the online travel website Expedia cooperation to promote the budget hotel.
Groupon earlier this year submitted a IPO (initial public offering) application, plans to raise funds through the IPO $750 million. But sources said earlier this month that Groupon had delayed the IPO plan due to the stock market turmoil. (compile / Huo Shan)
(the source of this article: the science and technology report of the NetEase)

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